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Behind The Blonde Vegan’s popular food blog and healthy lifestyle lies a secret. 


The blogger who started The Blonde Vegan, Jordan Younger, was miserable when food started to not be enjoyable anymore. She said she would spend entire days obsessing about only eating veggies, green juices, fruits and sporadically nuts and grains. She started her Instagram in 2013 and two months later, her blog. Her Instagram has gained over 70,000 followers and she posts photos of vegan meals and other inspiration. But behind it all, she struggled with an eating disorder. 

According to sources, she suffered from orthorexia, which is defined as a "fixation on righteous eating" by the National Eating Disorders Association. Although it’s not an officially recognized disorder, it shares similarities with other eating disorders.

But the difference is that it’s not an obsession with losing weight, it’s an obsession over what is being eaten. Younger restricted herself from tons of food and only ate those under the umbrella of veganism but it was making her sick. At one point, she lost about 15 pounds in just 10 days doing a juice cleanse and at her lowest, weighed 105 pounds. 

Due to all of this, she stopped getting her period, had no energy and had an injury that barely healed. After talking with a friend who was recovering from an eating disorder, Younger says, "I realized that a lot of my health problems could be attributed to veganism." 

Soon after her realization, she bought a piece of salmon, ate it and her period finally came back two days later. 

That was enough convincing for her. She found out that she was deficient in vitamins and protein. On June 23, Younger published a post entitled “Why I am transitioning away from veganism.” She knew she couldn’t go on like this or live a lie. She explained all her struggles to her fans but she immediately lost 1,000 followers and even received death threats! 

But now, she plans to take her strictly vegan blog and incorporate more lifestyle content. She renamed it The Balanced Blonde, saying "I think labels – as far as diet choices – are very, very dangerous," Younger explains.

"I'm a prime example of that."

What’s your opinion on her transitioning away from a vegan lifestyle?  

Photo Credit: Instagram

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