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ptr-poshmom-125sqPosh Mom caters to the stylish, fashion-forward mom who somehow manages to face all the challenges of motherhood and still look fabulous every day. The fashion and beauty section focuses on beauty tips that relate to health and well-being and emphasizes long-term beauty as opposed to the entirely cosmetic fix that so many beauty and fashion sites steer towards. The celebrity section shows the more positive, gleaming side of glitz, for example, the humanitarian campaigns of Jennie Garth or the wild yet natural jungle styles of Demi Moore. Visit Website

Especially useful are the posh groups section which give you access to a myriad of forums to exchange tons of knowledge and support including coffee talk, going places, decorating, designer dish, lifts lipo and lip jobs, hot mamas, food and much more.

Womensforum Partner: Poshmoms joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 2/2008.

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