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Host the Perfect Potluck Party

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Celebrating with friends during football season is one of the greatest joys of fall and winter, but all the planning and preparation for hosting such an event can take its toll on anyone. Why not make the next football game celebration a little simpler by issuing a potluck party invitation? Potlucks are a great way to take some of the stress out of hosting as well as include guests, who often want to help.

Asking Others to Bring Food

It may seem daunting to ask others to bring food to a party that you are hosting, but the odds are, the guests will be more than willing to help. There are a lot of ways to offer a potluck party invitation. Some people simply ask guests to bring a dish to share on the invitation. Others feel like a personal phone call or visit is in order to make the request. There is also the option of doing limited potluck by waiting for people to ask the inevitable question, "What can I bring?"

Whatever the method, inviting someone to a potluck isn't rude; it's actually a fun way to include her in the party process and allow her to showcase her talents.

Organizing the Meal

Once you have issued a football potluck party, it's time to decide how to organize the meal itself. You can offer assigned dishes or ask guests what they would like to bring. Be conscious that some people don't like to cook, so you should save some very easy items to pick up at the store like bottled drinks, crackers and cheese, or even plates and napkins.

Creative Potluck Parties

When people hear, "potluck," certain dishes leap to mind: macaroni and cheese, lasagna, casseroles, and scalloped potatoes are all common choices. While there is certainly nothing wrong with these comfort classics, why not try something different for a creative potluck?

1. Ethnic Potluck

One of the most fun things about potlucks is trying new foods. Why not take that experience to the next level by hosting an ethnic football potluck? Choose a country or cuisine and go from there. For a Latin potluck, you might choose to make tamales and assign guests to bring various Latin celebratory foods like mole, fried plantains, black beans and rice, homemade salsa, etc. Get the kids involved by letting them stuff a piñata with candy and holiday favors before taking turns trying to break it open.

2. Appetizer Potluck

Imagine how fun it would be to get a potluck party invitation to an event that featured a huge array of delicious finger foods. Divide guests into thirds and assign one group sweet snacks, one savory bites, and the last creative drinks. Everyone likes delicious finger food, and they are also one of the best ways to showcase creative cooking. Those who don't like to cook can always scour the grocery store aisles for a fun new treat to try like chili infused chocolate or spiced nuts, making this a potluck than everyone can enjoy.

3. Dessert Potluck

This type of event is great for those that have a sweet tooth! And what goes with sports better than some sweet wine and chocolate. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but who cares! Put together a menu filled with chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie, red velvet cupcakes and football-shaped gelatin jigglers.

With a potluck party invitation to an event like this, everyone is sure to learn something new about each other.

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