Powder vs. Cream Eye Shadow1In the search for beauty products, we often find ourselves wondering which is better. When it comes to powder vs. cream eye shadow we broke down the basics to make the hunt easier.

Many of us try new products to figure out what looks and works best on us. We all want to look and feel our best and find the makeup products that we trust. Every face is different; whether it’s our skin tone, texture or features we want to exaggerate, certain products work better than others. The road to finding the perfect beauty products can be endless.

When it comes to our eye makeup, the question is which is better, powder vs. cream eye shadow? Both of these shadows have their pros and cons and we have broken them down to help you decide which one will work best on your eyes. We are all unique and beautiful; we just have to find the products that work best with our own distinctive features.

Powder Eye shadow

Powder eye shadow is most commonly used for women with oily eyelids since it is less likely to crease. The varieties of powder shadows is endless, if you have a special event coming up and need a specific color, it will probably be easier to find it in the wider range of powder eye shadow colors.

Powder shadow is easier to apply than cream and blends easier. If we don’t blend just right, it’s less noticeable with powder. When using powder it is also easier to build colors when using more than one, or to take the eyes from a natural to dramatic look.

Cream Eye shadows

Cream eye shadows are best if used on women with dry skin, making it less likely to crease. Cream eye shadow does not need a base because it naturally sticks to your lid which makes it an eye shadow base in one. If you are planning on being outside in hot weather, steer clear of creams, they are more likely to crease in the heat. Cream eye shadows can also come in waterproof, which will dry quicker and contain more layers.

A common myth about cream shadow is that it’s heavy and can be uncomfortable to wear. In fact, cream eye shadow is actually light, which can make it a great base for powder eye shadow. It can also be easier than we think to apply. You can use a brush, or your finger, whichever is easier for you, leaving a shimmery finish.

If you want to mix up your look and use both, blend powder and cream eye shadow together. Using the cream as a base and applying the powder as a top coat can create a dramatic look that lasts all day.

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