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iStock 106504477 SMALL Cropped'Tis always better to give than to receive - or something like that. Either way, we love to give - and get - presents, whether it is the during the holiday season, for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, or simply just because.

Practical(ish) Luxury

But perhaps even better than giving a gift is giving something that your recipient will use and love every single day. And this is where a category - or a thought process really - of giving gifts that are practical but have just a little bit of extra oomph in the form of luxury, style, or just sheer fabulousity come in.

We like to call this category or type of gifts "practical luxe' or the kind of little upgrades that make daily life better. Think items like cashmere hoodies, chic stationery, high end ingredients, expensive candles, soaps, or hand creams, or luxury cosmetics.

Practical-ish items that your friends and family might never purchase for themselves also can come into play, especially if you can find something that might be uniquely meaningful, complicated, or difficult to find. 

Hitting The Sweet Spot

There are tons of fancy variations on every day items out there - the difficult part is finding the ones that would be a true everyday upgrade for your audience, not just a fun thing to unwrap or something that's amusing for a minute but never actually gets used.

That said, finding that sweet spot might be easier said than done. After all, you need to find something that your recipient will use all the time - and is durable enough to stand up to that kind of regular usage - but is also enough of a luxury or splurge item to make it special.

Go Forth And Gift!  

The holiday gifting season has become something that practically stands on it own, separate from the real meaning of the season. This retail event has gone beyond the the simple gifts under the tree, eight days of presents, or even the classic secret Santa or white elephant gift exchanges.

Which is why going the practical luxe route might be the best approach to the season - not only does it provide some direction, everyone on your list will appreciate your approach as well. After all, who wouldn't love an everyday upgrade!

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