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pregnancy-test-joke-reveals-testicular-cancerA Young Man Learned He Had Testicular Cancer from a Pregnancy Test.

A young man from Ontario, Canada took a pregnancy test his former girlfriend left as a joke and was shocked to find out he was going to be a mother. Thinking it was hysterical, his woman friend posted his experience in the form of a comic strip on the website "Reddit" under a funny name. The posting resulted in numerous comments, some warnings. One particular warning urged him to get checked out for testicular cancer. What? Testing for testicular cancer with a pregnancy test?

And so, the young man got checked out, and found out he had a small tumor on his right testicle. The man's woman friend thanked the "Redditors" posters, reporting that because the testicular cancer was caught early, it was treatable, and that he would hopefully be all right.

The story of the young man who jokingly peed on a pregnancy test strip has gotten a million hits and 1,500 comments. Both the man and his woman friend are a bit embarrassed about all of the attention and have pledged to remain anonymous.

"Movember" for Testicular Cancer

In Ontario, men abroad are growing mustaches to raise awareness for cancer. Called "Movember," the campaign, which lasts for the month, is geared towards raising money and education for prostate cancer and mental health.

Taking a Pregnancy Test to Check for Testicular Cancer

Some forms of testicular cancer are known to excrete elevated components of beta human chorionic gonadotropin, the identical hormone that a pregnancy produces, causing pregnancy tests to show positive results for testicular cancer. When it is suspected that a man has testicular cancer, his blood is monitored and analyzed for beta HCG. Roughly 30 to 40 percent of testicular cancer cases have the aforementioned hormone.

Testicular cancer affects young men anywhere from after puberty until the mid 30's, yet is most common in the early 20's. While the earlier the diagnosis the better, testicular cancer is very treatable and can be cured, even if it has spread. Commonly, when a man gets testicular cancer, the testicle that contains the tumor is removed, much like a mastectomy. Men that have testicular cancer can still father a baby with one testicle. Left unchecked, if testicular cancer has spread, radiation and chemotherapy can be required.

Just as we are told to do self breast exams, men should be reminded to do testicular exams, looking for lumps or areas of enlargement. We hope this information is helpful to you and your man, or male friends.

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