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prenatal-pelvic-exercises-videoWe've got some pelvic exercises you can do while you are pregnant to keep your body in shape before and after your baby! 


Exercising during pregnancy isn't something most women are excited about. Womensforum's Andrea Metcalf talked with Andrea Hassberger, prenatal fitness expert, who will show you some great prenatal pelvic exercises you can do while pregnant. These exercises are simple, easy on your body and all three you can do while laying on the ground relaxing. Make sure to practice breathing while doing all of these prenatal pelvic exercises!


Three Pelvic Exercises 

  1. At any time during your pregnancy, you can do belly breathing, which consists of placing your hands on your belly and inhaling and exhaling. 
  2. Try kegel exercises. Tighten and release your kegel muscles, which are the muscles to stop and continue your urine flow. This will help with strengthening your pelvic floor muscle. 
  3. Pelvic tilt. Tuck in your pelvis and tilt your pelvis foreword. 

Try these three prenatal pelvic exercises at home or at your gym; they are perfect for during your pregnancy!

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