preparing-for-a-pageant-video-headerIf you’ve ever thought about taking on the task of competing in a pageant, you might feel overwhelmed before you even begin. But no worries, we’re giving you tips on how to prepare so you don’t miss a beat.

Miss Illinois contestant Gemma Berto says the first thing you want to do is decide how to represent yourself during the process. If you start practicing your walk, interview questions, and demeanor for the judges at least three months before the pageant, you’ll be in great shape. When it comes to different sections of the pageant, be knowledgeable about current events and able to speak on major issues and topics. Try on your swim suit and evening gown and practice walking in them as if you were in the pageant, so when the real thing comes, it’ll be like second nature.

Gemma4Preparing for the Miss Illinois USA Pageant

For the Miss Illinois USA competition, judges request contestants to wear a solid color bikini. Don’t pick a swimsuit that someone has selected for you. Since you’ll be the one wearing it on stage for the audience and judges, it’s best for you to select your own swimsuit that’s best for you and that you can rock confidently (whether or not you’re truly confident always shows on stage, even if you try to hide it). 

Financial preparation is another key part to being ready for a pageant. Some pageants have a fee to compete as well as other costs tied in. You can actually have  someone close to you or a business sponsor you to cover high costs. The pageant will give you a form that you can mail to sponsors. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone who wants to help you succeed!

If this is something that interests you, don't forget to check back for more videos about Berto's pageant process!

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