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preparing-for-labor-getting-ready-to-go-to-the-hospital2A few practical things you can do to help get ready for the big day.

Getting ready to have your first child is nothing short of a big task. Most people don't even know when it's going to arrive. We've got a list of things to keep in mind before going into labor.

Things to Have Ready Before Going Into Labor

  • If you have a birth plan, be sure to have a copy in your bag.
  • Make arrangements for any pets.
  • Have a list of phone numbers of the people you want to call to let them know when you go to the hospital, or when the baby is born.
  • Your purse, identification and any paperwork you may need. You may not have these right in your bag, but you may want to keep it right by your bag so you won’t forget it!
  • Two or three comfortable nightgowns for after you have your baby. During labor wear and old nightgown or t-shirt, or the gowns that the hospital provides. Trust me, you do not want to wear a nice nightgown or jammies during labor and delivery.
  • Slippers or socks.
  • A nursing bra and breast pads.
  • Maxi pads.
  • Camera.
  • Hair brush or comb and styling products.
  • A mirror and your makeup bag.
  • An outfit to wear home from the hospital (not pre-pregnancy clothes – trust me on this one too!)
  • An outfit or sleepers for your baby to wear home from the hospital.
  • Some hospitals supply nighties, diapers and blankets for the babies, but many do not. Check with them to see if you will need to bring these things.

Some women pack two bags, one for labor and one for after the baby is born. Do whatever works for you! Good luck!

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