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iStock-173876245 CroppedFor many parents, the preschool graduation of their child is more emotional and meaningful to them then that child may ever realize. This doesn't mean that the child doesn't appreciate it, just that the parents appreciate it more. It was emotional enough when little Ginny or Caleb went to preschool to begin with. But the act of seeing their little one finish their first of many milestones in their education is often pretty sentimental for parents.  And of course preschool graduation celebrations are just so darn cute! Parents will always take pride and sentiment in watching young ones emulate the grown up crowd.

How To Make Your Preschoolers' Graduation Day Memorable

There are quite a few details you can attend to in helping child fully enjoy this first graduation ceremony of his or her life.  You can spend a little time and make it a fun experience.  More importantly giving your child positive reinforcement for having reached this bench mark will lead to more excitement on the child's part to excel in academic endeavors in the future.

Preschool Graduation Day

So what can you do you do for your child's preschool graduation day?   There are many possibilities.  First, let your child help you get their graduation outfit ready.  If there is a cap and gown let them help you as you iron it or hang it up until the big day.  Remind your child how happy you are and proud of them you are that they have succeeded this first year.  It is never too soon to instill confidence in your child and showing that you are proud of them is a great way to start that with them.

Ask your child what they want for their celebratory dinner (or lunch).  Let them pick out the menu or the place that they want to go to for their big day.  Unless it is something that will impact an existing health issue let them pick wherever they want and do it.  You might not like Chuckie Cheese but your child might and it is their day so let them have some fun.   You can have the salad bar if you want, let them have the cheese pizza if that's what they want.

Flowers For The Preschool Graduate

Silk flower mementos and real flowers bouquets are always a great present especially for little preschool graduate girls.  You can give them some to wear in their hair, on their wrist or to decorate the celebratory table with.  In some cases parents like to have professional pictures taken.  At minimum the family video tape recorder should be dusted off for the ceremony.

Be An Active Part Of Your Child's Graduation

Volunteer to be part of your preschoolers graduation planning committee so you can have an active role in the planning of your child's big day.  Also you will then assure that not only will you be there for the graduation but you will be involved and participating.  Your child will notice and understand that you are doing something good just for them.

Preschool graduations are adorable.  So make sure you bring the camera.  Cell phones take okay pictures but bring the real camera to this one.  Check the batteries so you don't run out as the most inopportune time.  Make sure you get there early so you can find your seat and get settled.  Also, try to have both parents attend.  It might be hard to get the time off from work since these graduations almost always take place during the school day but it is important that the child see that both parents are involved in their preschoolers education.  And though you may have a busy day or Dad might call feeling that business meeting is just too important to miss, DON'T.  It's a once in a lifetime moment and though there may be others, this one will never be done again.

Lastly, but not least, don't forget the tissues.

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