Preserving Suede And Leather Boots1With Cold Weather Coming, Make Sure To Preserve Your Suede And Leather Boots

In rainy weather or snowy streets, suede boots and leather boots or shoes can fall victim to the cold. While splotches and stains are almost sure to set in, there are always ways to treat them.

The best way to preserve your suede boots is to treat them before they hit the streets. Prior to purchase make sure to grab a protective spray that can be found at most shoe stores. However, if stains have already occurred here are some steps that can help you treat them.


How to Protect Suede Boots

  1. To remove stains, spray your suede boots with cleaning spray in a small, unseen space first. If the product and your boots have a reaction, it won't be that noticeable.
  2. If your boots get drenched in a sudden downpour, stuff them with newspaper to help them keep their original shape. While they won't look as new as they did the day you bought them, they can be preserved.
  3. Never, ever put your precious suede boots in direct light or heat. This will dampen the color and will also weaken the material. After the suede drys, restore the original look with a brush designed for cleaning suede shoes.
  4. Removing small chunks of mud or sleet can be done with a nail file. Simply remove the stains with delicate strokes, taking care to avoid strong pressure.
  5. When trying to remove oil, rub talcum powder or cornmeal directly on the stain. Brush the powder off when dry.

It's important to remember that major stains to suede will require the care of a professional. But don't take your boots to just any shoe cleaner or polisher. Make sure the person specializes in suede and leather care as inexperienced cleaners can cause harm to your boots.

When Working with Leather

  1. If the boots need to be washed, use a mixture of mild soap and soft water. Rub the dirt away with a cotton cloth to avoid scratching the material. Allow the boots to dry for 2-3 days before moving to the next step.
  2. After boots have dried, use saddle soap to reinforce the moisture in your leather. The boots or shoes will absorb as much saddle soap as the can.
  3. Leather conditioner works well to increase the moisture in your leather.
  4. After cleaning leather and drying apply wax or polish to your leather boots. This will protect the boots from dirt while also waterproofing them.

And there you have it. Even if your suede or leather boots have already been damaged, there are always ways to treat them.

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