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After bringing home the World Cup and shattering TV rating records in the process, the U.S. women's national soccer team has been all over the place. Since their victory over Japan back in July, the team's been hitting up talk shows, sporting events, and now the White House, where President Obama gave the athletes a pretty apt description.

"This team taught all of America's children that 'playing like a girl' means you're a bad*ss." - President Barack Obama

"Perhaps I shouldn't have used that phrase," the President continued, but he's right! Not only did this team bring home the first World Cup championship since 1999, but their outreach initiatives off the field have inspired millions of young fans. 

The #SheBelieves initiative, started by the USWNT players themselves, was a way for the team to reach out to their young fans and encourage them to accomplish their goals. The team invited fans to use the hashtag to share how they overcome obstacles and achieve success.

The President praised the initiative for how it encourages young girls to believe in themselves, adding that it also "inspired millions of boys to look at girls differently, which is just as important." 

You can take a look at Obama's full comments down below! 

 Photo Credit: NPR.org

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