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We're all about supporting and promoting innovation in nearly every regard, perhaps especially when it makes us look fresher and more beautiful. Which is why we're excited to partner with Algenist skincare to introduce you to some amazing new innovations in skincare compelling to women of all ages. 

Like most women, we'd love for our skin to be better - smoother, softer, firm, and with more of a glow. And like us, we bet even if you're mostly satisfied with your skin and take good care of it, you think it could be better - smoother, firm, more "alive." If you agree, there are some new innovations in skincare that go beyond the standard cleanse, moisturize, and use SPF regimen. Skincare is an art and a science, after all, and it's the science that we - and Algenist - are focused on here. 

Alguronic Acid

Alguronic Acid is one of the compounds responsible for regenerating and protecting algae cells. These unique properties were brought to light by the scientists behind our sponsor Algenist who were actually doing research on renewable energy sources when they connected the dots and realized this amazing compound had some serious anti-aging capabilities. In fact, it's clinically demonstrated to provide anti-aging and anti-wrinkle benefits. 

Alguronic acid is a mix of polysaccharides that are produced by microalgae; their renewing and regenerating properties promote cell growth over time. 

Apple Stem Cells

The use of apple stem cells in skin care is another innovation you should know about. These are an ingredient found in our Algenist's new ELEVATE Advanced Lift Contouring Cream. These aren't stem cells from just any apple, however. These are extracted from the particularly unique Uttwiler Spautlauber apple. Improved skin tone and texture? Perhaps an apple a day keeps the wrinkles away!

This type of Swiss apple is known for being long-lasting and especially hardy (it can heal its own bruises!), apple stem cells help make your skin look smooth, even, and youthful. And this ingredient has a lot of celebrity fans, with amazingly fresh-faced and youthful icons like Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama among them. 

Peptides And The Gold Delivery System

Algenist's ELEVATE Advanced Lift Contouring Cream works because it provides and promotes the continuous and extended activity of peptides, which help fortify your skin and improve its texture and tone. Speaking of peptides, the ELEVATE cream also contains tripeptide-2, which is clinically proven to instantly help promote and reinforce a firmer skin structure. 

The exclusive Gold Peptide Delivery system works by carrying the peptides into the skin. It effectively delivers the peptides faster and allows them to work longer. The result is achieving firmer, tighter skin faster.

The world of skincare one of constant innovation - there's always a hot new product, technique, treatment, or procedure to try, especially in the anti-aging realm. Which makes it especially important to do your research and stay aware of the latest trends.

Looking your best isn't just about buying the most expensive cream or the one with the prettiest packaging, after all (although we do appreciate great packaging like Algenist's ultra-modern silver foil). Rather, it requires the intelligence and perception to sift through the news and focus in the innovations with the ingredients and properties that will make the biggest difference for you.  


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