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protect-hair-from-chlorine-damage-on-vacationDon't let chlorine ruin your summer fun! 

After swimming in the pool, your hair might be a bit dryer and more brittle than before. That's because it's feeling the consequences of chlorine damage. This nemesis to swimmers everywhere can strike while you're on vacation, swimming laps and maybe trying to impress the lifeguard with your new bikini. While this could be a buzz kill for your long, luscious locks, there are ways to protect your hair from chlorine damage.

Protecting Your Hair

Many swimmers recommend purchasing a conditioner that is designed specifically for hair protection in the pool. These conditioners contain high levels of silicone that are designed to prevent a swimmers hair from absorbing chlorine.

Another chemical that many swimmers swear by is called thiosulfate. This chemical is designed to dissolve the chlorine and prevent it from oxidizing in your lovely locks. This chemical is most often found in shampoo designed for swimmers.

If you want to avoid chemicals all together, other swimmers suggest washing or soaking your hair in non-chlorinated water right before you hop in the pool. This also prevents your dry hair from soaking up chlorine as soon as it gets wet.

If you're desperate for protection or maybe you spend a ton of time underwater, purchasing a bathing cap could be an excellent suggestion. While it may look dorky, it's a surefire way to avoid damage from chlorine while keeping your locks dry and intact.


Knowing What To Look For

These are the signs of chlorine damage. If you notice any of these happening to you or a gal pal, it's time to take action!

  • Frizzy hair from root to tip
  • Dry or itchy scalp with dandruff
  • Split ends
  • Excessive knotting and tangles
  • A slight green tint to all shades of hair


Natural Remedies

Instead of using harsh chemicals found in shampoo and conditioners, use at home remedies to eliminate chlorine damage to your hair. Not only will this preserve the natural oils found on your scalp, it might save some cash.

  • Egg Whites and Milk: Mix one egg white with a cup of milk until frothy. Wet hair with warm water and pour mixture onto scalp. Let sit for 15- 30 minutes. The vitamins from the milk and eggs will work to re-moisten damaged hair.
  • Coconut Oil: Use this remedy to conquer dryness of all forms by warming the oil and lathering it onto a moist scalp. Let sit for 30 minutes or rinse immediately. It may take a few washes with shampoo to remove the oily texture from your hair.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Using apple cider vinegar to revitalize your hair will help restore its shine and remove chemicals. Apply one cup to wet hair and wash the vinegar out with shampoo and conditioner.


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