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tamoxifen-prevention-pills-for-breast-cancerThere is hope that these pills will help detour breast cancer cells.

Women who have a consistent family history of fighting breast cancer are being given the option to take a drug, Tamoxifen, to fight cancer cells before they ever show up in tests. These breast cancer pills so far have surfaced in England, Scotland and Wales.


What are Breast Cancer Prevention Pills?

This prescription must be consumed for five years every day. All the guidelines can promise behind these Tamoxifen pills are some pretty strong evidence that this medication will fight off cancer cells for women before they ever form. But, there is still no guarantee. Scientists believe that after consuming these pills for five years, the prevention cycle will last at least 10 years before she must start consuming a new five-year cycle of pills again.

Is This a Safe Choice for Women?

Just like many birth control pills, Tamoxifen does contain the risk of blood clots forming. This prescription is not really meant for women under 35, but scientists aren’t ruling out the treatment for younger women at this point. It’s fairly uncommon for women to develop cancer cells in their breasts in their 20s, but not impossible either. Nobody can promise anything, but women might choose to take the pill just to avoid a mastectomy or cancer cell scares during testing.

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy might be what women prefer rather than taking a new drug on the market. We all have seen the dangers later on down the road to certain drugs promising to prevent certain health dispositions, and this makes us skeptical. Sometimes drugs prevent one problem, but inflate another. Many other women will continue to choose to visit the doctor regularly to have a tumor removed at the earliest detection or sign of cancer cells.

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