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Prince Harry busted some charitable moves in Chile this past weekend.

The children of Chile were dancing happily this weekend when Prince Harry visited the country and joined in to groove to “Firework,” the single by Katy Perry. The handsome royal was in Santiago, Chile where he toured a local facility specializing in children and young adults with mental and physical disabilities, Chile’s Fundacion Amigos de Jesus center.

Local children performed a choreographed dance to Katy Perry’s hit single and Prince Harry did not hesitate to join in on the fun. We know he loves a good party!

In all seriousness, the young Brit showed his kind heart by getting into the music and clapping along to the moves created by the kids. 

After the dance, Prince Harry was given a tour of the organization which began in 2005.

Gladys Ramirez who founded the center has said, “The most important thing has been giving dignity to these children. As a person from this community, I demand respect and dignity for my children.”

Harry’s trip to South America definitely ended well with some jazz hands and smiling children who were happy to welcome the royal.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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