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Last night The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Will and Kate, met America's royal couple, Beyonce and Jay Z, at a game between The Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers... and people got a little excited about it. And by a little excited, we mean that they almost broke the internet (sorry Kim K!).  

The night started with the British Royals being casually greeted to the game on the Jumbotron. 

Across the stadium, Queen B and Jay-Z arrived to their court-side thrones. 

Kate had the perfect "You've got to be kidding me face" when she was presented with commoner food. 


The royal couple then pondered the mysteries of the game of basketball and life together. 


Then the moment we were all waiting for happened.  Beyonce and Jay Z crossed the court (we were hoping trumpets would play, but alas...) to greet the royals, chat for a few minutes and probably set up a play date or two between Prince George and Blue Ivy (now those photos could truly break the internet). 

Here's how the world saw things go down...

NOTE Jay Z's little happy dance as he follows Bey to meet the royal Brits.

(Judging by this picture, we're thinking Kate is more starstruck.)

After the encounter, both pairs of royals returned to their seats and watched the rest of the game, which was much less exciting than watching two royal worlds collide. However after the game, the British royals met another King, James Lebron, who presented them with a customized jersey for them (and one for Prince George too!)


A photo posted by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

However, while the royal couple participated in the mandatory photo ops and awkward small talk on the inside of the Barclays Center, on the outside, protesters gathered to participate in what on social media was referred to as the #RoyalShutdown. 

Protesters outside the arena had support coming from the inside, as many of the players warmed up wearing shirts that read "I can't breath," a rallying cry for those protesting the death of Eric Garner at the hands of NYC police and the subsequent grand jury decision to not indict the officer that killed him.  

And if anyone was wondering... The Nets lost 110 to 88.

Photo Credit: Splash 

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