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family-organizaitonCreate a Family Activity Planner

If you want to run a tight ship year round organization is the key factor to keeping things running smoothly.   In fact a well organized household can yield loads of spare time for the entire family, if applied correctly.  It's a well known fact the busiest time of the year is fall, winter and spring.  And for 9 months nearly every family will be bombarded with repetitive weeks filled with work, school, shopping, after school programs, practice and the list goes on.

Keep the Family on Track with Printable Organizations Planners

It's as if there's never enough time in one day to get everything done!  Often amidst a chaotic week a good number of families find themselves cramp for time.  That is unless the household employs a printable family organization planner. A family activity planner not only puts the weekly schedules in perspective but it can also yield opportunities for what the family needs most.  A well organized and time efficient week with loads of family time together!  And for this reason planning family activities and chores using a printable family organization planner or chart is the best place to start.

Nowadays working and single parent families' have very little time to squeeze into the regular weekly plans sufficient time to focus on family.  The two the biggest factors are poor time management and disorganization.  This is because once the school year begins there are hundreds of things we fill our days and weeks with without regard for organization or time.  Naturally, if everyone is preoccupied with individualized daily and weekly activities it's quite easy for the family to get off track.  And, when the family gets off track it can be arduous task to get back on schedule again.  This is where incorporating a printable family organization chart will come in handy.

Printable family organization charts and planners are a useful tool for creating consistency amidst a chaotic household or schedule.  Not to mention it reduces family stress as well!  Believe it or not, family organization planners have been shown to alleviate certain stresses and anxieties caused by disorganization.  Researchers have found that families that don't employ an organizational plan have more family tension overall than families that use printable family organizers.  Plus disorganized families have even less time for family bonding and activities as a direct result.  If you find your family suffers from disorganization and you want to get on track?  Here are a few tips you can use:


  • Get the family to commit to an organization planner. It does the family no good if you use the planner for a short period of time. You must maintain consistency if you want it to work.
  • Involve the entire family into the household activity planner. This will ensure every one's schedule is accounted for and all the activities are considered.
  • Prioritize household and individualized chores but remember to leave time for family bonding as well.

While all this may sound like a great idea and an easy way to run a tight ship.  Just remember every family is different, which means you have to find the right family activity planner to fit your family's specific needs.  Simply go online and search for free printable family organization planners to get started.  There are thousands of free family organization planner templates to choose from, or put those computer skills to work using Microsoft Excel or Word and create your own.

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