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Printable Gift List

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Printable-Gift-ListStay Organized with a Printable Gift List

Many busy moms are looking for a printable gift list for their shopping needs this holiday season.  In these tech-saavy times, one would think you could have your computer calculate what everyone wants, where to get them and print out a gift list, complete with a map of the shortest distance between stores.  But alas, technology hasn't taken us quite this far just yet.  But we can either download a gift list template or create the document in excel or on a template ourselves.

Modern Holiday Gift List Online

There are several websites where one can download a printable gift list to fill in themselves. They range from very basic black-and-white excel-based forms for you to fill in yourself the old fashioned way (with a pen or pencil) to some with more festive fonts where you can type in gift ideas for your friends and family, including their favorite colors and sizes to keep on file for the next year. It's also very simple to create your own printable gift list template using either MS Word or, for you techies out there, MS Excel.

Although Word is generally much easier to use for those of us who aren't computer nerds, there are many advantages of creating our list in Excel. First of all, it's much easier to create borders and gridlines using Excel. Second of all, if we have the patience to learn a bit about the program and what it can do for us, you can also use it to budget your holiday shopping needs by creating automatic formulas.

I know this may sound intimidating, but the program has gotten much more user-friendly over the years and one can easily figure out basic mathematical functions either by using the built-in help function or by doing a search for what we'd like to do on the internet. For example, if I type "add up cells in excel" into a search engine, I automatically have a plethora of sites offering basic instructions on how to do it, complete with screenshots.

If you'd like to create your own gift list, first decide which program you'd like to use. If you choose Excel, I'd begin by deciding which fields I'd like to use. For my printable holiday gift list, I like to have Name, Gift Ideas, Favorite Colors, Budget (i.e., how much I'd like to spend on this person this year).

Size, Cost and Store (where I think I can buy it). So for example, for uncle Marty, I know he can never have enough sweaters, that he's an XL, he likes anything that's the color blue, and that I can spend $50 on him this year.

I also like to format the holiday budget cells to show the sum at the bottom, so that when I'm finished I can see what my total budget should be before I go out and start holiday shopping. This way, I can see if I'm going to be overbudget before I even leave the house to go shopping and adjust accordingly!

So whether you choose to make your own printable wish list this holiday season or download one from the internet, I wish you the best of luck in your holiday shopping!

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