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1-procrastination-is-in-your-genesTurns out your procrastination issues may not be your fault! 

Do you constantly find yourself putting things off today and doing them tomorrow instead? Or doing them the day after that? According to a recent study, procrastination is in your genes, so it may not be your fault after all! The study was done at the University of Colorado in Boulder and it turns out a tendency to procrastinate is affected by many genes, along with impulsive behavior

Procrastination And Impulsive Behavior Is Genetic 

The study looked at 181 identical twins and 166 fraternal twins. The twins were surveyed on their ability to set and maintain goals and tendency to procrastinate and have impulsive behavior. The study did in fact conclude that the tendency to procrastinate and have impulsive behavior is genetically linked. 

Being impulsive has an evolutionary benefit, according to the researchers of the study, because it would have helped our ancestors with everyday survival. But procrastination is more of a modern-day thing since we heavily focus on long-term goals, from which we can easily get distracted.

Now that we know procrastination and impulsivity is in our genes, is there a cure? Share with us the ways you try to stay away from procrastination habits on Facebook and Twitter!



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