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prom-in-black-and-white-a-racially-segregated-promIs racism alive and well in Georgia?

This is the time of year when many high school students are thinking about their senior prom... fancy dresses, suits, corsages and boutonnieres, decorations, and a good time with their classmates that they will remember for years to come.

In at least one school in Georgia (Wilcox County High School to be specific), they will have a prom alright, but the students will not be with all of their friends because their prom is racially-segregated. Yes, you read that right; kids are the ‘wrong color’ are not allowed to go to the Caucasian prom.

Georgia School with Black and White Prom

This prom is not allowing a mixed-race group of friends, who hang out all of the time, to go to the prom together. I thought that racial segregation was declared unconstitutional in 1954? Apparently, since the proms aren't hosted at the school (they're sponsored by the students and parents), the school administration says there's nothing they can do.

Upon looking into the matter, I find that this is not a unique situation in many places! Actor Morgan Freeman offered to pay for a first-of-its-kind integrated prom at Charleston High School in his home state of Mississippi in 2008, the idea was embraced by students — and rejected by a group of white parents, who went on to hold a 'private' prom.

One question I have though, does the ‘non-white’ prom allow the white students to attend? I couldn't find any reference to that. Racism can go both ways.

Is it Okay to Have Racially-Segregated Proms?

Ok, I suppose people are free to hold a private party and invite who they choose – and people are free to attend any party they are invited to. But, rather than the parents deciding, why not let the kids decide?

This year, a group of high school students in Wilcox County High School, are doing just that. They are standing up against the racially-segregated proms and organizing the first-ever integrated prom in the school's history. Bravo! I hope that their prom is a rousing success and that others start to get the message.

What Are You Teaching Your Kids?

I think we should be teaching our kids that we are all just people trying to live our lives on this little ball we call Earth. We may all look different, but isn’t it what’s inside that counts? Like (or dislike) someone for who they are, what they represent, or how they treat others - not because of the color of their skin. Sounds simple enough to me.

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