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Proper dress hem lengthsHow your dress hem speaks before you do...

Whatever the ocassion, a woman's choice of attire and wearing the proper dress hem lengths say a lot about a person.  In some cases more than we like to imagine.  Truthfully an improper dress hem length can tell things about a woman's personality, attitude and lifestyle that could strengthen or lessen the odds of attracting the ideal job or male's attention, if indeed that's the goal.  Find out if you're sporting the dress hem length that best emulates your personality; or if you are inadvertantly saying something you really don't intend to.  ocassion or goal.

What Your Hem Says About Your Personality

The most intriguing part about what fashion says for women is not a verbal statement.  In fact,it's considered a non-verbal in interpersonal communication circles.  A picture speaks a thousand words and your intention may be revealed by the way a woman chooses to dress.  And although a master communicator knows that much is revealed unconsciously; you can become conscious and in charge of sending off either positive or negative signals simply by your attention to and knowledge of the right style and right dress hem length for any given

Basically, fashion speaks for us without using words.  Our attention to our hair style and length, our use of makeup and our stance or way of crossing our knees or ankles when we sit down.   From body language and eye contact to fashionable clothes and hairstyles, we speak volumes about our intent at every opportunity.

But it might be good to just take inventory.  What do your current choices already say?  More important is what they reveal about the deeper personality characteristics that are revealed each time you present yourself.  For example women with a lot of confidence who are physically active, more than likely wear sporty casual dress hems or casual dress hem lengths, where as erson with little confidence and low physical activity would wear conservative hem cuts or ultra conservative dress hem lengths.

Are you beginning to See what these dress hem lengths have to say?

Ultra conservative Dress Hem Lengths

Ultra conservative hems are typically two inches above the ankle or lower.  These dress hem lengths say "closed shop."  They are worn by a woman who is attempting to convey that she is an introvert, highly religious and/or wholesome.  Such hems may also display low self-esteem, submissiveness and a non-competitive nature.   Women who wear dresses with an ultra conservative hem daily, usually do so for religious purposes or to appease a controlling parent or husband and such a woman signals that she has chosen an attitude of submissive and non-sexual character.

Conservative Dress Hem Lengths

What we might consider today as a conservative dress hem length was once considered loose and promiscuous since the ankle (horrors!) was showing.  And lord knows what such a sight would do to a good man.   Today this hem lengt is considered safe and clearly businesslike.  These styles are often considered appropriate for older working women.  Most often women with strong religious rules and values wear conservative dress hems.

However older women also prefer conservative lengths as a sign of maturity and a signal that they are not necessarily interested in any thing OTHER than getting the job done.  Such a woman signals that she wishes to be appreciated for her brain and her productiveness and that she has nothing to prove sexually.   Conservative dress hems fall 2 to 3 inches below the knee.  We can consider that the women wearing this hem length is innately cautious, non-dominating, interested in getting the job done, a team player and probably decisive and relatively sure of herself.

Business Casual Dress Hem Lengths

Business casual hem lengths fall just above or slightly to the base of the knee. This is a length that looks appropriate on most women.  And it is an acceptable modest yet fashionable length.  This is a sure sign of confidence in position, lifestyle and personality.  Dress hem lengths that are business casual usually signify straddling the line between fun and serious.  You can be sure a women that wears business casual hem lengths is cautious to a degree and needs a little convincing to go out of the box, generally independent and slightly dominating but only when it comes to what she wants.

Casual Dress Hem Lengths

Casual hem lengths fall between three and two inches above the knee and generally mean that the women is youthful or has a youthful spirit, good sense of humor, highly confident and perhaps somewhat arrogant.   Women who wear casual dress hems regularly are dominating and enjoy mild confrontations.  Most casual hem wearers are decisive and demanding rather than dominating.  Women who wear casual dress hem lengths for work are more entrepreneurial and creative.  Such a woman may be sassy, highly confident and often well coordinated.  They also feel free to demonstrate their sexual confidence.  Most women that frequently wear casual hem lengths at work are in high ranking positions or positions which signify strength, fun and adventure.

Sporty Dress Hem Lengths

Sporty hem lengths include the everyday run of the mill mini dress or micro mini dress.  While these shorter than short dress hem lengths are frisky and adventurous; they obviously should only be worn by those fortunate women who have the legs and confidence to carry them.  Aside from the adventurousness a sporty dress hem reveals it also denotes a woman who is active, physically fit and possibly more heath conscious.  She could also be very domineering, sometimes high strung and forward thinking.

In the case of women who casually switch between dress hem lengths for different occasions we see a woman of taste and variety.  this is a woman who is not shy about her true personality; and in fact may be open, well rounded, grounded, decisive and potentially coy.

So before you don that dress you planned on giving your annual presentation in at work.  Think.  Depending on what type of message you're planning on sending, check out what your dress hem lengths says for you today.

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