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the-psychology-of-weight-loss-videoWeight loss has less to do with numbers and more to do with your frame of mind and perspective. 

People don't typically prefer to gain weight. It's usually triggered because of stress, an event in your life or an unresolved issue. Psychologist and life coach Essara Steckel from The Biggest Loser Ranch in Malibu speaks on the mental aspect of weight loss to help you lose weight the right way.


There are Two Sides of the Coin

  1. Evaluate your habits and ask yourself what caused you to gain the weight. 
  2. What’s stopping you from losing that weight? Whatever it is, resolve the matter so it doesn’t continue to come up. 

Biggest Loser Resort Environment

What we see on television is different than the mentality of fitness in Malibu. Instead of the "push hard and make you cry" mindset, Steckel sees it as "we know you're going to cry and that's okay." Crying is often a good thing as it usually implies your progress of pushing through a setback. Steckel says they try to "cultivate this environment that feels safe, welcome and loving." 

It Comes Down to Habits

Don’t get caught up in the logistics of weight loss like counting calories. Tracking calories every single day isn't something people can commit to doing the rest of their lives. Get information and develop healthy habits that will help you live a better lifestyle. Developing a natural, healthy way of a living will fit in with your life.

Weight loss shouldn't be stressful; it should relieve stress. Use these tips for healthy living as a jumpstart to your new future. 

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