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Parents, you've all had those days. Your kids are dragging their feet and it can seem impossible to motivate them to even get off the couch. This pump up playlist will make it easy for you to get your kids excited and energized, whether it's for those last few weeks of school or a family activity you've planned during the summer!

Pump Up Your Kids Playlist

1. Wake Up - The Verve Pipe
2. Snooze Button Blues - Jewel
3. It's A Sunshine Day - The Brady Bunch
4. The Ninjas - Barenaked Ladies
5. The Happy Song - Kate Micucci
6. Cool To Be Uncool - The Jimmies
7. Keep On - The Brady Bunch
8. We Like The Zoo ('Cause We're Animals Too) - Walter Martin, Matt Berninger
9. Crazy ABC's - Barenaked Ladies
10. Eraser - Barenaked Ladies

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