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pure-cranberry-juice-to-prevent-kid-utiCranberry Juice with Antibacterial Properties May Help Get Rid of Bladder Infections in Kids. 

A new study shows that cranberry juice could help fight off UTI's and bladder infections in kids. The key concentrations of the antibacterial properties in cranberry juice are known as proanthocyanidins, (PAC's,). And, in order to prevent bladder infections in kids naturally, they should be of a high concentration in the cranberry juice your child drinks.

The study took place in Vancouver, Canada with 40 children who had recurrent bladder infections in the past year. The kids were required to drink one of two selected juices: a cranberry juice loaded with PAC’s and one without cranberry ingredients. 

Researchers found that children with recurrent bladder infections and UTI's who drank pure cranberry juice cut their risk of another urinary tract infection (UTI) by 75 percent, versus an alternative juice. 

Purchasing the Right Cranberry Juice

So, does cranberry juice at your grocery store have the levels of antibacterial agents to kill off a bladder infection or UTI in your child? Cranberry juice options in grocery stores may not contain the amounts needed to kill off a bladder infection in your child.  Since pure cranberry juice is tart and does not taste very good to your cherub, most manufacturers mix it with other juices and add a ton of sugar. So, be mindful as you select the right cranberry juice. However, Ocean Spray, a popular juice company, provided the juice for the study. 

Kids' Bladder Infections Common?

Urinary tract infections are significantly common in kids, with an eight percent chance of girls getting one and two percent of boys.  And little research has been done on our little ones with bladder infections.  Yet this recent study is positive, a bladder infection left unchecked can result in kidney damage.

So how does cranberry juice prevent bladder infections?  PAC's are long suspected to have antibacterial properties, staving off bladder infections and many women have turned to the juice to reduce urinary tract infections, as opposed to the standard antibiotic. However, many doctors still prescribe antibiotics to treat these infections only to invite drug-resistant bacteria potential in our children.  This study in particular shows that there may be a healthy, natural alternative.

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