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Research Links Marriage and Bone Health

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put-a-ring-on-it-research-links-marriage-and-bone-healthLadies, we have yet another reason to take Beyoncé’s advice and have the men in our lives “Put a ring on it.”

A new study conducted at UCLA shows a link between bone mineral density (BMD) and a person’s marital life history. In other words, research now proves what women have known all along: marriage is good for your health. Tell us something we didn’t know. 

Maybe you did not know that no one is immune to bone mass loss. As we age, bones naturally become thinner, less dense, and weaker, increasing our chances of fractures and the onset of osteoporosis.

Prior to the study, known ways to prevent BMD loss included combining calcium and vitamin D supplements, participating in weight-bearing activities (like walking) and weight training, as well as the use of several medications. Now, with the results of a study published in the online journal Osteoporosis International, a good marriage can be added to this list - that is, if you don’t include running down the aisle as a form of exercise already.


Results differed amongst the sexes, which took 632 adults in the United States into consideration. The study found stable, married men had better lumbar spine BMD compared to men who were never married, separated, widowed, divorced, or married but previously divorced.  

The study did not find that marriage itself guarantees healthier BMD amongst women. However, it did reveal that women in good marriages with greater spousal support had greater bone health. In simplest terms: happy wife, happy bones!

So there we have it - proof that BMD loss can be prevented by tying the knot. However, since our own extensive research confirms getting a man to commit is no easy feat, we don’t advise single ladies to stop taking their calcium chews or quit hitting the gym anytime soon.

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