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putting-yourself-on-the-to-do-listLet me know if you recognize this mom’s description. Her kids’ wardrobes rival that of Suri Cruise. Dressed fit to kill in darling little outfits complete with matching bows, bobbie socks, and mary janes. However, Mom looks like she threw on whatever smelled best from the hamper.

She is a private chauffeur racing to and from gymnastics, piano and Scouts providing homemade healthy snacks between stops. Mom’s snack? A Diet Coke and a Tic-Tac. As COO of the household, she handles the meal planning, cleaning and shopping. She picks up the dry cleaning, signs all the permission slips, knows what homework is due when, and is fully aware of the toilet paper status at home.  

How does she do it? This girl has a list for everything. Post-its litter her purse, and along with toddler-friendly apps, her iPhone alerts, alarms and reminders blow up her phone all day.  

The truth is, we all know this mom. You are this mom. I am this mom. We sacrifice our style, health and sanity for the sake of managing our families. But, what time and energy is left for taking care of Mom?

“I’m Not Worth It”

It’s sad, but I have overheard my mom friends admit they have no problem spending time and money on their kids, but not on themselves.  I couldn’t disagree more!  We absolutely deserve to spoil ourselves. 

To Do: Shop for Me

You know that adorable outfit you have been drooling over in the store window?  Not the one for your daughter, the one for you?  Get it!  And certainly do not feel guilty!  Yes, you are worth it.  You deserve to look as cute as your kids.  And that lame excuse that your toddler will decorate your new outfit with ketchup handprints?  Well, I know you have baby wipes in your purse to pretreat that stain, and won’t you be stopping at the dry cleaner anyway?

To Do: Work Out

How many activities are your kids signed up for? And now what about you (activities associated with your kids don’t count!)?  Whether you hit the yoga studio or shake it at Zumba, be an example for your kids to show them your health matters too.  If your budget just doesn’t stretch far enough for a fitness class or gym membership, maybe start a walking club with other moms in your neighborhood.

My tortures of choice are CrossFit, spinning and running.  And when I stop making excuses and prioritize a workout into my schedule, I find that I’m happier and have so much more energy for my day job.

To Do:  Keep My Sanity

We deserve to take the time for a mani/pedi every once in a while, or a bubble bath every night.  I know that getting in my “me time” is is essential to maintaining my sanity.  Even if it’s just savoring those few minutes before the kids get up.  I take the chance to breathe in that moment of quiet, and take a few sips of my morning coffee before the panic of the day’s schedule hits me.

But that over scheduled panic is my warning bell, remembering what Nancy Reagan taught me in the 80’s. “Just say no!”  I don’t have to say “yes” to each opportunity I’m offered or volunteer for every event.  I have to take care of me first, so I have the energy required to take care of my family.

The moral of this story is simple.  Put you on the to do list.  Moms, we’re worth the investment! 

Find out where you can wear that adorable new outfit on my fashion and style blog at Can I Wear That to Playgroup.

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