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Marriage proposals are a moment you often don't want to forget.

In an age where the need to capture these moments on camera is ever important, there is now a way to avoid having the awkward cameraman in the background spoiling the surprise.

The "Ring Cam," which was launched in October 2013, is a ring box with a camera lens on top that allows the person proposing to capture the entire moment inconspicuously.

The camera was designed by four college classmates from Michigan, one of whom appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the creation intended to capture the perfect moment in a perfect way.

"Only the person proposing actually knows it's there," said Scott Brandonisio. "So you're able to capture that genuine element of surprise."

With creative proposals going viral each and every day, it would appear capturing the magic moment is a requirement for the personal event. The "Ring Cam" allows the moment to stay personal, and the reactions can be kept private or shared.

"This couple is going to have this moment for the rest of their lives," Brandonisio said.

Users can also sharing pleased reactions, with family and friends thanks to the use of the secret camera.

"It was the happiest moment of my life and it was captured right there on video," Susanna Porter, whose fiancee proposed using the Ring Cam, told Good Morning America.

The handy hidden camera boxes can be purchased on the company's website with prices ranging from $149 to $249. The box can also be rented for $99.

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