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 Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

It’s the children’s movie that has all ages eager to see.

On Wednesday, the official trailer for The Little Prince was unveiled and released for the Cannes Film Festival. The story is a new tale for young kids, but for adults, The Little Prince is an old friend.

Originially, The Little Prince was a cherished novella written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The beloved story has been translated into more than 250 languages and sold nearly 150 million copies worldwide after its 1943 publication. The film, set for release by Paramount on July 29, is expected to rekindle some familiar emotions among adults who loved the story as children.

Throughout the trailer, audiences can see sophisticated, yet traditional journey of a young girl being lured into a magical world.

Besides the exquisite animation created with the direction of Mark Osborne, some major stars can be heard in the film including Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, Paul Rudd, Marion Cotillard, James Franco, and Mackenzie Foy who voices the lead character – a little girl. Opposite Foy will be Riley Osborne, a newcomer in Hollywood, as the Little Prince.

Dimitri Rassam, of ON Entertainment, said "Our movie is an homage to one of France’s most iconic and revered properties, but also one of its most international, having crossed languages, cultures and generations. There is no better place than the Cannes Film Festival to showcase this unique combination."

You can watch the new trailer below. Just make sure you have some tissues on hand, because you're about to ugly cry. 

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