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Sometimes life needs a little spice, and what you make in the kitchen is no different. Kick up mealtime with third simple to make and flavor-packed Sausage-Stuffed Green Peppers recipe that'll satisfy your taste buds!

Your Recipe: Sausage-Stuffed Green Peppers


Your Cooking Playlist

Get some spice not only in your delicious dish, but also with music. This upbeat, flamenco-influenced playlist will have your family moving and grooving, and hungry by the time dinner is served.

  1. Panaderos Flamencos Instrumental - Paco de Lucía
  2. Monedita - La Santa Cecilia
  3. Trees - Ozomatli, Ozokidz
  4. Changito - Ozomatli, Ozokidz
  5. Merengue! - Go, Diego, Go!
  6. Bulería de los Chicos (Bulería) - Flamenco Jazz Company
  7. Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of...) - Lou Bega
  8. La Gozadera Salsa Version - Gente De Zona, Marc Anthony
  9. El Cantante - Marc Anthony
  10. Vivir Mi Vida - Marc Anthony


Let’s be honest, who can’t use a few extra minutes in their lives? Every busy, at-home cook would love some extra time to relax. While it seems impossible to save time between the kids' packed schedules or your own daily work load, there is some hope when it comes to dinner, we promise!

Cooking one-pot meals can be the ultimate way to save time. Whether it’s through a skillet, a large cooking pot or creating a delicious meal in a single dish, a one-pot meal saves time, money and sometimes a person's sanity.

Mise En Place


Before even beginning the meal, a number one time saver is preparing what is called “mise en place.” It's French for “putting in place.” This prep technique is about placing all of the needed ingredients out on the counter, measured and ready to go. This means no more burnt food when searching for the butter!

All-In-One Meat


It’s always a double win when you can save money and time while cooking. Become a winner by purchasing meat with both the skin and bones. According to cookbook author Tamar Adler, the skin and meat of an ingredient can be used for more than one meal. Adler loves pairing salmon with one meal, and the salmon skin with another over sauteed spinach.

Too Sweet, Too Salty, Too Much


Nothing is as anxiety inducing as discovering that a meal is off-seasoned, especially when it’s cooked all at once. Whether it’s too spicy, salty or sweet, there’s a fix! For a meal that’s too spicy, add some lemon juice. Lemon juice is also great for when things are too sweet, but if you’re out of that, a touch of vinegar will do. For the ultimate cooking sin, too much salt, it’s all about a touch of vinegar and sugar. This makes cooking one-pot meals foolproof!

A Saucy Touch


Not too sure which herbs to use when flavoring your one-pot meal? Ignore the spice rack and head towards a flavored sauce. We suggest a sauce like Prego’s Savory Bacon Sauce paired with mac n’ cheese and some ranch flavoring which gives an update to the standard schooltime favorite. Having the flavor built-in to the sauce creates a quick and easy shortcut without risking going too far with the seasoning.


Oodles of Easy Noodles


When cooking pasta dishes, the largest time consumer is cooking the pasta. Many children aren’t fans of al dente and crave soft, easy to eat noodles. To save some time on boiling, put pasta noodles in a water-filled bag overnight or for, at least, a couple of hours. This will prep the pasta ahead of time and allow you to add it straight to a hot pan or cooking dish. We suggest using this technique with this  yummy Baked Ziti recipe to make the most irresistible family meal ever.


Nothing is better than throwing a bunch of ingredients together and coming out with a heart-warming meal. By using some of these helpful tips and great recipes, these easy to make one-pot meals will become a highlight in your family’s dinner rotation.


 For more dinnertime recipes, visit Womensforum's "Mealtime, Family Time" Pinterest page.

166000-easy breakfast cupsMany of you know Lisa Cain as the Snack-Girl blogger. But with more than 100 recipes on hand, Lisa knows how to make things in snack-able bites.  She knows how much we love a quick and easy breakfast!

So here is her Baked Eggs and Cheese in Toast Cups to motivate those nay-sayers who have no time to make a good breakfast.


  • ½ teaspoon butter
  • 1 medium egg
  • 1-tablespoon sharp shredded cheddar
  • 1 slice 100% whole-wheat bread
  • salt and pepper to taste

Here’s how you make it:

  • Preheat your oven to 375 and soften the butter in the microwave in a plain white ramekin or coffee mug.
  • Grease your mug or ramekin and squeeze the bread in to the cup. If you must tear it, feel free to put some effort into it.
  • Next press the bread to the sides to make room for the eggs and cheese.
  • Add cheese first, then the egg and place into the oven for 15-25 minutes depending if you like it runny or firm.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve up a warm, yummy breakfast. I love this recipe because it only has 165 calories and 10+ grams of protein.


What are we having for dinner tonight? It's the age-old question. Well, what are you in the mood for? Let us introduce our super easy dinner mood picker to help you get rid of the guesswork and give your family a comforting meal for any occasion that you can whip up even on the busiest weeknights.

Choose what you're craving below by selecting each of the photos depending on how you're feeling  to enjoy our mood-specific playlists and outsider cooking tips that make mealtimes a breeze.

16803-comfort-foodMood: Comfort Food

Need a heartwarming, home cooked meal after a long day? Even if the day wasn't rough, sometimes you just need something tasty and satisfying for dinnertime. This mood shows you that creating a memorable family dinner doesn't have to be difficult. Plus, we offer awesome tips and techniques that will make your dinner that much comforting. And to top that off, we've included a fun playlist that your family can listen while cooking the dinner - just click on the image! Plus see some tips on cutting down on prep so you can spend more time with the fam! 


Mood: Spicy Food

Are you craving something with a little pizzazz? Sometimes life needs a little spice, and that includes dinnertime. Instead of bothering with ultra-hot spices, we've offered other solutions that will amp up that meal in no time. While creating this zesty dish, we've got a fun playlist with salsa and flamenco music that gives any at-home chef a spice to life (Just click on the image!) Go bold with your dinnertime with bold flavors that take no time to get on the table. Plus, we've got red-hot tips on creating the delicious meal your family will love!


Mood: Quick And Easy

Have no time but a lot of mouths to feed? When a busy mom finds herself in this situation, she shouldn't rush out and buy up some greasy fast food. Instead, we are offering an easy recipe, helpful tips and a great playlist to help when an at-home cook is in need that you can get by clicking on the image! So, whip up a scrumptious hearty meal that takes next-to-no time to make and will become a go-to for any busy home cook! Plus our tips will make it even faster to put that meal on the table.


Mood: Something Light

Is someone in the family watching their waist-line? Get your family heart healthy but still fill those tummies with this delicious recipe. It's easy to use and super yummy, we promise! Plus we've added some ultra-zen music that can calm any cook from the usual controlled chaos of everyday life that you can listen to by clicking on the image. So go ahead, and help your dieting family out while keeping the flavors fresh and delicious. Check out our cooking technique tips for taking your light meal to the next level.

16803-anything-goesMood: Anything Goes

Still stumped? We've got the answer. Our Pantry Pal tool picks ingredients that are already in your pantry that you can use to whip up delicious heartwarming meals without taking a trip to the grocery store! Also, we've got super helpful tips and tool suggestions that make this stumpful meal into a no brainer. And if that isn't enough, we've included an awesome playlist full of music suited to your mood - all available when you click on the image! So when your loved ones ask, "what's for dinner?" You just whip out that handy Pantry Pal and your problems are solved!


Any parent will tell you that getting kids to eat healthy can be a bit of a challenge. They'll outright refuse broccoli, apples, and oranges but sing a different tune if you present them in a creative way.

One of the biggest issues kids have with eating fruit is that it can be a little tough to eat. Oranges, for example, are a delicious fruit that are full of essential nutrients like vitamin C, but peeling the skin is hard enough to make kids turn away.

Try this easy method for preparing fruit for young kids that will do the peeling for them while keeping the fruit compact and fresh. The same trick works to keep apples tasty and easy to eat!

Check out more everyday shortcuts!

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