School time is upon us, which means it's more important than ever to keep your daughter's hair out of her face when so she's free to play and learn!

Here are a few ideas for cute fuss-free  styles that'll only take you a few minutes.

Half-up With Braids On The Sides

quick-summer-hairstyles-for-girls-1Photo Credit: Abella's Braids/Pinterest

This hairstyle is a great pretty way to have your daughter's long hair down but keep it out of her face. Do two French braids on either side and secure with a hair tie. Adding a bow in the back is a fun colorful touch. 

A Messy Topknot

quick-summer-hairstyles-for-girls-2Photo Credit: Etsy/Pinterest

Just like their mommies, little girls will love how easy and effortless a topknot can be. Make a high bun and tie with a cute ribbon. 

Pigtails With Twists

quick-summer-hairstyles-for-girls-3Photo Credit:

This hairstyle works on little girls with many different hair lengths. Define the hair part, then separate your daughter's hair into four different sections. Secure the front two with elastics, then make the back two sections into messy buns. Colorful bows tie the whole look together. You can use hairspray if your daughter's hair is wispy and will easily come out of the hair ties. 

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