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ptr-quiltingworks-125sqQuilting Works provides an excellent how-to manual for beginners or seekers of new and different quilting techniques including easy needle turn appliques, quilt binding, working with threads and ribbons and making anything from shamrocks to lady bugs on your home made quilt. A very interesting quilt- making technique that is explained is how to make scented quilts or scented fabric trivets as they call them here. There are free quilt patterns galore making this alone quite a treasure for beginner or advanced quilt-makers. Visit Website

Also there is an interesting quilt scrapbook included to browse some of the proud works of many quilt makers from different parts of the country and beyond. Take a look, get out your needle, and start creating.

Womensforum Partner: QuiltingWorks joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 3/2000.

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