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You’ve trained for months.  Your race is tomorrow. It’s time to plan your gear, meal and mantra for tomorrow’s big race.  Whether you’re running a 5K, 10K or half marathon for the first time or you’ve had a few under your belt, gearing up the night before is key. Here’s a few things for your pre-race checklist:



3 Things You Should Know on Race Day

1)   Rise and maybe shine – Check the weather - you’ll want to know if it’s rain or shine and hot or cold to prepare for your clothing, the travel time to the race and possibly what you’ll be eating as well.

2)   Clothing check

  • for hot dry days: look for wicking fabrics and don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • For hot wet days:  still those wicking fabrics but hyper hydrate a bit before the race and be ready with extra water too.
  • For cold dry days: Consider the hands, face, and head for coverage. 
  • For cold wet days:  consider Gortex coats, shoes and bringing an umbrella.
  • Stay away from thong underwear, tight waistbands and other potential chaffing clothing too.

3)   Food Prep – Depending on the length of your race, you’ll want to look at what you’re eating the night before as well as in the morning. My pre-race foods include:  oatmeal with berries ( 2 instant packets work for me ) a baked potato- yogurt dollop and salt, greek style yogurt with a half bagel.  Think 400-600 calories, low fat ( no grease to upset your stomach ) and complex carbohydrates. Keep in mind on those hot days to drink more fluids and think warm foods on cold days.

It's always better to be prepared.  Remember success occurs when preparation meets opportunity. - Zig Ziglar

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