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School's out for summer! And while your kids are excited, you're probably also thinking about how you can keep them entertained and engaged all summer, especially on rainy days when no one wants to be cooped up in the house. 

Which is why you need some great activities to keep them busy, like fun crafts that let them express their creativity and keep them out of your hair. Here are some of favorite "Pinteresting" options for this summer. 

Cereal Box Aquarium 

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This is a simple and engaging option that you probably already have a lot of the components for! Plus your kids can get as creative as they want, adding in all kinds of sea creatures and plants. Here's how to make it

Ladybug Painted Rocks


All this takes is some rocks from the backyard, some patio paint, and ModPodge or shellac! Here's how to do it.

Grow Your Own Geodes



Are your kids fascinated by rocks and crystals? This fun and sparkly project is great for future scientists and it's easier than you think. Here's how to grow your stunning geodes

Pinecone Pineapple


This might be the easiest one yet! And a really fun way to do something fun with pinecones that you might already have laying around. Here's how to make them

Colorful Fruit Fans


Fun and practical for summer! Plus they're highly photogenic and Instagrammable. Here's how to make them


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