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A rainy day can very often rain on your parade - pun intended. Your kids' softball game might get cancelled, or a trip to the local pool will go on hold.

But there are plenty of ways to beat the rainy day blues. Depending on your budget, there are a variety of creative ways to keep kids entertained on a rainy, yucky day. 

Local Museums


When you can't go outside, a local museum or two can serve as great entertainment for your kids plus it helps to get some learning action going on. From natural history museums to ones focused on a specific area, like science, nature or sports, your kids can roam the halls and exhibits while it storms outside. 

(Tip: check out your library or city office to see if they have any free passes for the museums available.)

Popsicle Stick Decisions


Every few months, have everyone write one rainy day idea on a popsicle stick. Gather up all of the sticks and put them in a mason jar. Whenever you are looking for an activity, have your child pull a popsicle stick and have them do that activity. If you have multiple children, create an alternating schedule of who gets to pick the popsicle sticks. This way everyone feels included in the decision and it becomes a fair way to decide what to do. 

Sticky Note Rainy Day Wall


Designate a blank wall in your house the "rainy day wall". Write an activity on each sticky note and stick them on the wall. This will allow you to get creative with the pattern in which you place the notes. As you use each idea, replace each note with a new note stating a new idea. 

Recipe Box


If your kids love to cook, then they'll love this activity! Get a small notecard holder and a bunch of notecards. Then on each notecard, write a simple recipe that your kids would have fun making. On each rainy day, select one to do and then write a new recipe for next time. 

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