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Home Health Fitness 6 Energizing Yoga Poses For Traveling VIDEO

6 Energizing Yoga Poses For Traveling VIDEO

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great-yoga-poses-for-travelingYoga poses to help get your energy back after sitting too long!

After long hours on a flight or traveling by car, rejuvenate your body with these yoga postures that awaken the body and your awareness.  

The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere—as long as you have a positive space, room to move and the mindset for mindfulness. To eliminate tension, engage in the following yoga postures.

Also, don’t forget to breathe! Deep inhalations enhance your relaxation and free the body from toxins.


Yoga Benefits & Postures

Warrior Pose: Stretch arms outward and legs apart—both parallel to the ground. Warrior Pose opens your chest, stretches your hips and re-energizes the limbs.

Triangle Pose: Slide hips back from Warrior Pose and rotate your torso toward the ceiling while raising one arm toward the ceiling and resting the other on your forward leg or ground. Triangle pose is a hip and thigh opener and relieves lower-back pressure.

King Dancer Pose: Glide into dancer pose by lifting your leg and holding onto your heel. Lean forward and reach. While stretching and concentrating, you’re strengthening the legs and core.

Downward Dog: Rest in down dog on the ground. Place hands and feet on the floor. Raise your tailbone and bring your chest to your thighs for a deep, stress-relieving stretch. Pedal your feet to open up the calves.


Plank Pose & Chaturanga: Move into plank pose from downward dog by dropping your hips. Plank builds strength in the core, elongates the body and helps with better posture. Lower from plank pose into chaturanga as if you were doing a push-up. Moving into chaturanga improves arm strength and works the core.

Mini Cobra or Superman: Lying on the ground, elongate the body and lift your lefts, arms and head for a reinvigorating stretch. For mini cobra, place hands beside your chest and lift your torso upward. Cobra pose helps strengthen the spine, opens the heart and stimulates the organs.

Now hit your mat or the carpet, and Namaste!


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