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read-this-and-then-watch-that-headerFind out all about what books you need to read before hitting the movie theaters this summer.

During the summertime, what’s the equivalent of sitting by the pool in air conditioning? Going to the movies. The movie gods always bring us summer box office hits and this summer seems to be no different. To make it even more exciting, this summer is all about literally taking a page from a book. Check out books-turned-movies from varying genres and why you need to read them before heading to the theater. 

The Fault In Our Stars

Stars: 2014’s It Girl Shailene Woodley

Read Book Because: A honest, emotional read about two teenagers with different medical issues who meet, fall in love, and face pain bravely with a dose of sarcasm.

Warning: Tearjerker alert, bring tissues (also don’t read it on the plane sitting between two big burly men, it’s hard wiping tears that way).

Gone Girl

Stars: Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike

Read Book Because: A gripping book right from the start about a wife who mysteriously disappears after celebrating her fifth anniversary.

Warning: You won’t know how to feel about this one, I’ll leave it at that.

The Giver

Stars: Everyone who’s who in Hollywood (Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, etc.)

Read Book Because: This book is a classic by Lois Lowry and just wait, your kid’s kids will be reading this story about a dystopian universe.

Warning: None. Unless Taylor Swift’s first "real" acting role is one?

This Is Where I Leave You

Stars: Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and Jane Fonda

Read Book Because: A starkly funny novel about a Jewish family brought back together to sit Shiva after the head of the family dies.

Warning: With this cast, you should expect jokes, lots of jokes (although this may not be a bad thing for some).


Stars: Reese Witherspoon

Read Book Because: An inexperienced hiker sets out to treck the Pacific Crest trail alone all because of a finite amount of things that have came up in her life including: her mother’s death, a failed marriage and her feeling like she doesn’t know the answers to life’s questions.

Warning: Be prepared to fall for the classic leading lady moves Witherspoon uses. 

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