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mind-and-body-reasons-to-dance-videoFrom Dancing with the Stars to So You Think You Can Dance to tons of other dance-focused movies and TV shows, we are seeing celebrities lose weight and look great from dancing - and have tons of fun doing it!

Even Zumba has worldwide attention and thousands of people doing salsa to slim down. Our health experts share their thoughts on why dance is so popular and beneficial to your weight loss program.

Lisa's Advice

"Dance is a physical release. It's a freedom and an expression that's individual to you. It's communcating your feelings through a shared rhythm. Dancing with others lifts your energy and provides you with a sense of community."

Stephanie's Advice

"Dance allows you to let loose and free-form your life. With so much structure and strict schedules, dancing can feel very liberating.

Ziba's Advice

"Dance works your entire body, it's multi-level friendly. It makes you smarter because it forces mind body connection. You are present. You get to express things that words can never express and it's all done to music, which automatically makes you happier!"

Marisol's Advice

"It's an art. You become free to express yourself and feel."

About the Experts

Lisa-Payne-Photo-FINALLisa Payne is a Health and Fitness Expert in Chicago specializing in personal training. She is a Fitness Writer for Demand Studios, Today's Chicago Woman magazine, CheekyChicago.com and on her own blog Paynefully Fit. Lisa is also an Adjunct Professor in Exercise Physiology and is a Brand Ambassador for LARABAR, and Kate Hudson's athletic company Fabletics. Find her on Twitter and on her website




Stephanie Mansour (aka Step-It-Up with Steph) is a Body Image & Confidence Coach for women, as well as an in-home personal trainer, yoga, & Pilates instructor. She's been featured on CNN and TV stations across the country for her holistic approach to women's health & fitness. Get her free guide to have more confidence and feel good about your body here.




Ziba Sarabia Lennox has over 20 years of dancing, choreographing, and performing experience. She has seven years of teaching dance and setting various productions. After a professional ballet career, Ziba’s passion for dance expanded into teaching ballet form conditioning, dance boxing, cardio dance and private lessons.  She is Pilates and NETA certified and her classes are about driving results and maximizing each individual’s potential, while celebrating the gift of movement and music. Ziba is the founder of MaZi Dance Chicago, which is MaZi’s performing group.



Marisol-Photo-FINALMarisol Sarabia co-founded MaZi Dance Fitness in 2009 after years of continuing her own research and training in fitness. This took place following her performing career.  Marisol is also founder of Gift of Movement with the RIC.  You too can dance and get involved, message  MaZi on Facebook or visit MaZi Dance Fitness.



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