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more-reasons-to-take-vitamins-and-supplementsIf you are looking for additional ways to get healthy, you may want to consider vitamins and supplements.

With pesticides, lack of good eating habits and the increase in junk food consumption, many Americans are deficient in health-related areas. These deficiencies may effect things such as mood, metabolism, energy and even sleep.

Taking supplements is like an insurance plan when you're not getting the variety of minerals and vitamins your body needs from your diet. There are many brands on the shelves to choose from, but where do you begin when it comes to knowing what to take?

How to Choose Health Supplements

1. See Your Doctor

The first step is to see your doctor and have some basic blood work done. Your blood report will help determine a starting plan of action. However, everyone can benefit from taking a simple multi-vitamin. Women and men have different needs, just as people who are in their 20s versus in their 50s.

2. Write It Down

Keeping a food journal for at least two weeks can also help you determine what minerals or vitamins you're getting enough of or lacking. Share this information with your doctor or a registered dietician to get direction on what additional supplements you may want to add besides a multi-vitamin.

3. The Wellness Scorecard

For a quick review of whether your diet and health regimens are on track, check out Lifesupplemented.org and take the wellness scorecard test. This and other websites like RealAge.com can help you make some good choices.  

Once you have an idea of what you are lacking, you can make a better choice and see how well the daily supplement works for your body.

Sometimes, you don't realize you're lacking any vitamins or minerals until you find out for yourself. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor for help. What's more important than your health? The journey towards living a healthy lifestyle starts with one step. Make this your first!

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