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goat-cheese-rounds-recipe-video A Goat Cheese Recipe For 'The Rest of Us' Some people hear the words 'goat cheese' and immediately start gagging. It's not that it has a bad taste or bad reputation, but some people don't really want to try anything new. However, goat cheese recipes are becoming more popular nowadays. This is especially true since goat's milk is more easily digested than cow's milk, so it is better for people with lactose intolerance problems. Goat cheeseis also lower in fat than many other cheeses. It lasts about a month or so after it is opened, so it also has a longer shelf life.

Goat cheese, also known as chevre cheese, has a mild but distinctive flavor. It has been likened to feta cheese (which is also made from goat's milk, but has a different consistency) or a 'tangier' version of the cream cheese used on bagels. It isn't as salty as some other 'premium' cheeses. Because of its consistency and mild flavor, it can easily be seasoned to go along with any meal. Chef Didier is here to share his goat cheese recipe that makes a good appetizer as well as a gift.

Chef Didier's Goat Cheese Rounds


  • Goat Cheese
  • Olive Oil
  • Sprigs of various garden herbs-sage, basil, thyme, rosemary, etc
  • Herbs in small dishes. Chef Didier is using cracked peppercorns, curry and hot paprika, but other flavorings can be used.


  1. Roll the goat cheese into small balls in your hands. Goat's cheese is soft, so this won't be difficult.

  2. Roll the balls in the bowls of herbs. Again, goat cheese is soft, so it will 'pick up' the herbs well.

  3. Place in a small jar. A standard jelly jar will do just fine.

  4. Place sprigs in the jar alongside the goat cheese balls.

  5. Pour olive oil over goat cheese rounds.

Goat Cheese Rounds As a Gift

Chef Didier makes every recipe he uses look easy, but this recipe for goat cheese rounds actually *is* easy. Since goat's cheese is now found in the dairy section of many grocery stores, it isn't hard to find. Goat cheese roundsare also fun to make, and don't require a lot of cleaning up.

Like some of Chef Didier's other recipes, goat cheese balls make a good gift. The sprigs make great decorations, and the herbs will add splashes of color. Even if someone isn't a fan of goat's cheese or goat's milk, they will appreciate a gift that was made just for them!

As Chef Didier shows here, goat cheese recipes are fun to make and even more fun to eat. Bon Appetit!

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