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Bonjour, I am Didier, your French chef...When I go out to dinner with friends and family, I never bring flowers to somebody's home. I bring the goat cheese that I want to show you how to flavor today. You take some goat cheese in your hand and (rolling) make some little balls like that...that looks easy...and we'll flavor them with curry, cracked black peppercorn, hot paprika...you can improvise and use some diced herbs, diced olives, you can do with sun-dried tomatoes, (puts ball in bowl) look at that, is that cute or what? Take a jar...any jar you may want, from preserves or something you had in your drawers...(rolls the balls around in the bowls) and you get the goat cheese coated in the different flavors just like that...I don't know how they do it, look at that, somehow they just get all the different colors...(places balls in jar) and one by one, I like to mix the colors...here you go, just layer them differently and I like to always show off the herbs I get from my garden, so here's some basil, some thyme...and what's really nice is that you can see them through, (pointing at herbs in jar) like that's the basil...and next here is the sage, here we go...I'm going to put them upside down here...and I'm going to finish with the little guys (putting herbs in jar)...and you know that's a great present, inexpensive, it's fun to do and it's also personable, just like me...(pouring) here is olive oil...and just close it...and this present is worth a lot of love, so I hope you do it again for your friends and family...I am Didier, your French Chef...bon appetit!

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