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White-House-Renovation-headerPhoto Credit: AP

Check out what its like to fine dine with the First Couple of the United States! The public has recently gotten a glimpse of the refurbished White House State Dining Room and you won't believe the price tag on the updated look! First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly changed out the silk curtains, replaced the mahogany dining room chairs, and added two custom wool rugs as well as a few other personal touches - all for a cool $600,000. 

White-House-Renovation-3Photo Credit: AP

The room, which is used to entertain visiting heads of state and other formal events, was last updated in 1998 during the Clinton Administration. The funds for the project reportedly came from the White House Endowment Fund, a historical non-profit trust that sees to the upkeep of the White House. 

Now, this isn't the first time that FLOTUS has pulled out some of her redecorating magic in the White House! In fact, something tells us she was actually scaling back for the State Dining Room project.

white-house-renovation-1Photo Credit: Courtesy of White House Photo

Case in point: The First Lady's tastes in modern art and bright colors were heavily featured when she completely re-did the Old Family Dining Room (right off the State Dining Room) back in February. We loved how the new modern pieces complemented the ornate crystal chandelier from 1780, a silver tea seat from the 1939 World's Fair, and antiques from when J.F.K. was in office. See the difference in the former dining room pic below! 

White-House-Renovation-4Photo Credit: Courtesy of White House Photo

While the Obamas do not dine in the Old Family Dining Room, it's the spot for certain lunches and special intimate gatherings. No word on the price tag for this revamp, but we're guessing it's up there! 

Now, the average person might not have half a million to splash on redecorating one room, but we can take some lessons from the First Lady in investing in key pieces that will transform your space. 

  • First of all, a fresh coat of paint NEVER did any wrong and it can be the easiest (and cheapest) way to freshen up a room and change the vibe. For example, covering the yellow paint with a fresh coat of white made the Old Family Dining Room less homey and more sleek and streamlined. 
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with a new rug. A cool modern rug or a French country one can add cohesiveness to your space and help you plan out what additional decor (if any) you would like to use to match this theme or contrast against it. 
  • For your one big splurge, a beautiful painting in the style you like can really add character to any room and act as the big focal point your guests will notice when they walk in the door. 

Happy decorating! Remember, you don't need to splash a lot of money to get the results you need. Instead, focus on a few details that can make the biggest impact!  

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