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Decorate-HouseHow one shopping adventure turned into self-realization about getting older.

At the end of the day, mothers have a lot on our minds.

This past week, I have been inspired to redecorate my house. It is always all or nothing. Either I will stay in my new house packed in boxes for 6 months, or I will go over the top, not sleep, and spend all my money on furniture, pictures, new drapes, and ridiculously overpriced pillows.

By the way I was behaving, you would think HGTV was coming to film their latest redecorating episode in my house.

Lucky for me, my mom had come from the East coast to visit for the holidays and was on board with helping, so I could make my house my home. She bunkered down in my laundry room and hung her Fu Shung Laundromat sign while she went to work washing, drying, folding, and ironing a mountain of clothes. It was the best, thank you Mom.

With no laundry and no cooking, I was a free woman to spend, spend, and spend some more.

This redecoration inspiration all started with one change.

"Hey, this looks good, so why don't I try that?" I think. Then one corner looks great, so you move to the next corner before you decide to change the color of the walls. Next my thought was, "Hey since we are doing that, why not a new bedspread too? This, of course, makes the furniture look a little out of place and leads to new curtains.

After searching high and low for drapes, all I needed were rods, tiebacks, and what the heck, a new throw rug.

Six hundred dollars later, I was set to go. Balancing bags and one 6-foot curtain rod box, I headed out to find my mom in the mall and headed home. There was only one problem. Neither one of us could find the car.

I swore I parked it here, then I swore I parked it there. Mom just blamed her lack of memory on her age and volunteered to hang with my purchases while I went to find the car, which I found one parking lot away.

Once I got home, I set up the iPad with a "how to hang your curtain rod" on YouTube. Now that the curtain surgeon had the tools, all I needed was the rod.


"Hey mom, did you see the curtain rod? You know the one that is about as long as the car?"

"No," she replied, "I don't remember seeing it. Besides, I told you I don’t have the memory I used to.”

Funny how she remembers exactly how many times I have forgotten to call her back in the last six months, though.

Then, I thought back to where I had it last. The parking lot? There was no way I could have drove away and left a six-foot rod behind, but then again, I wasn’t even looking in the right parking lot for my car. I cringed. How would I ever call security and explain this one?

The next day, I ventured into the security office.

“Yes, I am the lady that left a box in the parking lot.”

“What size was the box, miss?”

“Well, it had a curtain rod in it," I said. 

“A curtain rod? How big was the rod?”

I coughed into my hand, “About six feet.”

“Six feet long?” security repeated.

“Do you mind if I ask you how you left it in the parking lot?” the young girl asked.

I hesitated, thinking carefully about my reply. Then my mother’s voice rang through my head.

“Well, you see,” I shared, “I am getting a bit older and my mind isn’t what it used to be.”

She looked up at me from behind the desk, shook her head, and dialed the phone to have someone help me to the car.

It was then I realized that age doesn’t make you forgetful.

In the end, it makes you smarter.

For more fun with Wendy, visit her at Life With Wendy.

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