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It’s not unusual for regular customers to develop a special bond with employees at businesses they frequent. For oneDomino’s Pizza “regular,” that connection may very well have saved his life.


Kirk Alexander ordered from the Salem, Ore., Domino’s “almost daily for more than seven years,” according to the Statesman Journal.

So when employees realized that they hadn’t seen an order come through for several days, one of the drivers stopped by Alexander’s home to check on him.

“He orders every day, every other day. We see it come across the screen and we’re like, ‘Oh, Kirk’s order'. " ~ Susan Fuller, Dominoe's Manager told KOIN TV

The lights were on, so was the TV — but no one answered the door. When the driver shared his findings with other employees, they collectively decided to call 911.

Fuller told USA Today, "It was about 1 a.m. Sunday morning, and we weren't terribly busy, so I asked one of our regular drivers, who knew Alexander, to stop by the customer's home on Penticton Circle NE and check it out. We all know Kirk and he only lives about six minutes from our store, so the whole team was concerned."

The driver returned to the store shortly after and reported that no one had answered the door, but the lights and television were on inside the house.

That’s when they called 911.

According to the Marion County Sherriff’s Department, when officers arrived at the scene, they heard Alexander calling for help from inside his home. The deputies forced entry and found him in need of immediate medical attention. Alexander was taken to Salem Hospital and is now in stable condition.

Sure enough, authorities found the man in need of medical attention and immediately transported him to the hospital. Too often food couriers are dismissed as little more than short-term workers who rarely feel vested in the company. Stories such as this prove there are plenty who don’t fit that stereotype, and even some who care enough to save a life. 



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