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Sponsored by Jimmy Dean

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It's easy to fall into patterns with our diets, especially if you're a busy parent feeding the whole family. It's especially easy to fall into a breakfast rut!

However, ruts are boring and more importantly, they can keep your family from getting the nutrition and fuel they need. 

Add Some Tropical Fruit

If you normally serve orange juice with breakfast, try something more exotic, like guava or lychee. Or mix it up even more with a side of fruit salad - the sweetness works so well with something salty like bacon. 

Get Spicy

Dip your hashbrowns in hot sauce or salsa. The pairing totally works and why not help your family start their day off with a nice kick of spice! 

Make It A Wrap

Take any standard breakfast fare like eggs, bacon, or sausage, and wrap it in a tortilla or pita for a quick breakfast sandwich. 

Build A Breakfast Bar

Start the school year (or just the week) off right, do something special for a weekend morning, or be the mom (or dad) of the year when your kid has friends sleep over. This can be as elaborate or as simple as you would like; but that said, kids will appreciate something simple, colorful, and fun more than a fancy gourmet spread that you got up extra early for. So this is when you can....

Get A Little Help From Jimmy (Dean). 

There's something to be said for the sheer convenience of just heating up something frozen, and you can definitely have that with Jimmy Dean! These stuffed hash browns and croissant or biscuit breakfast sandwiches are ready to eat and totally delicious. 


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