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  • American Horror Story: Renewed

    American Horror Story: Renewed

    It's no shocker that Ryan Murphy's horror series will be back for another season. With high ratings and a loyal fan base, the only question that remains is what will be next season's theme?

    Photo Credit: FX Networks

  • Arrow: Renewed

    Arrow: Renewed

    This bow wielding vigilante struck an arrow into the heart of its viewers and will be returning for another season.  

    Photo Credit: The CW

  • A To Z: Canceled

    A To Z: Canceled

    With so many romantic comedies premiering during the fall television season, a few of them were bound to get the axe. Unfortunately audiences didn't feel any love for A to Z. 

    Photo Credit: NBCUniversal Media

  • Bad Judge: Canceled

    Bad Judge: Canceled

    The verdict is in: Bad Judge didn't get good reviews or audience numbers and is officially cancelled. 

    Photo Credit: NBCUniversal Media

  • Benched: Canceled

    Benched: Canceled

    Life imitates art as Benched gets the bench from USA. 

    Photo Credit: USA

  • The Big Bang Theory: Renewed

    The Big Bang Theory: Renewed

    The Big Bang Theory has always been a big hit for CBS. Everyone's favorite awkward scientist will remain on air for another season. 

    Photo Credit: CBS

  • Chasing Life: Renewed

    Chasing Life: Renewed

    Audiences will get to watch another season of main character's April battle with cancer as a young adult. 

    Photo Credit: Disney Enterprises, Inc. 

  • Devious Maids: Renewed

    Devious Maids: Renewed

    It's no secret that Devious Maids has been a big hit. The show is scheduled to return with a new season that had just as much drama as the last. 

    Photo Credit: Lifetime 

  • Downton Abbey: Renewed

    Downton Abbey: Renewed

    Was there any doubt that this period piece would make a return? 

    Photo Credit: PBS

  • Girls: Renewed

    Girls: Renewed

    Despite star Lena Dunham's constant controversies and the show's declining viewers, Girls will be on the air for at least another year.

    Photo Credit: HBO 

  • Gotham: Renewed

    Gotham: Renewed

    Superhero stories continue their domination of television, as Batman prequel series Gotham is renewed for another season.

    Photo Credit: Fox 

  • Hot in Cleveland: Canceled

    Hot in Cleveland: Canceled

    Hot in Cleveland is about to go cold as the network chose not to renew the sitcom for another season. 

    Photo Credit: TV Channel 

  • Jane The Virgin: Renewed

    Jane The Virgin: Renewed

    After series star Gina Rodriguez gave a Golden Globe award winning performance in the first season, it's not a surprised that the show is being renewed for another. 

    Photo Credit: Jane The Virgin 

  • Manhattan Love Story: Canceled

    Manhattan Love Story: Canceled

    Manhattan Love Story quickly turned into another Hollywood failure story when the new series was cancelled only a few weeks after it's debut. 

    Photo Credit: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

  • The Millers: Canceled

    The Millers: Canceled

    Despite it's best efforts, this sitcom was unable to catch viewer's attention, leading to low ratings and its cancellation. 

    Photo Credit: CBS

  • Scorpion: Renewed

    Scorpion: Renewed

    This group of eccentric geniuses found success saving the world and finding an audience. 

    Photo Credit: CBS

  • Selfie: Canceled

    Selfie: Canceled

    Despite good reviews, Selfie wasn't a picture perfect fit for ABC.  

    Photo Credit: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

  • Shameless: Renewed

    Shameless: Renewed

    Cheers to another year of this dysfunctional (yet loving) Chicago family being on our screens for another year. 

    Photo Credit: Showtime 

  • Twisted: Canceled

    Twisted: Canceled

    This ABC Family drama was some how just too twisted for the network that brought your Pretty Little Liars

    Photo Credit: ABC Family 

  • Undateable: Renewed

    Undateable: Renewed

    These guys may be undatable, but their show is ready to it's next step with the network: season 2. 

    Photo Credit: NBCUniversal Media, LLC

  • Under The Dome: Renewed

    Under The Dome: Renewed

    These characters may be trapped under a giant glass dome, but things are looking up for them - their show was renewed for another season.

    Photo Credit: CBS

  • The Walking Dead: Renewed

    The Walking Dead: Renewed

    Considering The Walking Dead is one of the most watched show on television, there was never really a doubt it wouldn't be back for another season. And who can deny Norman Reedus coming back to our screens? Nobody, that's who. 

    Photo Credit: AMC 

  • The X Factor: Canceled

    The X Factor: Canceled

    Despite a slew of famous judge and hosts, as well as ultra talented competitors, ironically, The X Factor didn't have enough of a factor to make it another season. 

    Photo Credit: NBC

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