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repair-your-summer-skin-damageRepair Your Summer Skin Damage

So now that we’re into Fall, it means a new season, which means new weather. It was a real scorcher this summer from all the evidence I see, not the least of which is that women are waking up, looking in the mirror and wondering how in the world their skin survived.

Sun damage is one of those things that we usually don’t think about until the temperature reaches triple digits. “What many women don’t realize is that sun damage can happen even when there are clouds in the sky” explains Sylvia Silvestri, a registered nurse and resident expert in skincare in Beverly Hills. “Sun damage is one of the biggest contributing factors of accelerated aging of the skin, but this information doesn’t usually cross our transom until we step outside and feel like we’re going to melt from the heat.”


Reverse Summer Skin Damage

So what can be done about it? Well, the obvious first response when I’m asked is that you can stay out of the sun altogether. But really, that isn’t an option when you have kids or want to attend your best friend’s annual Backyard Luau, the most well-attended event on your street... they always have those cool little toothpick umbrellas in the drinks and when the ukulele comes out it’s on...but I digress. The fact is, we need the sun, and our skin does too, but just like with those cool drinks with the tiny umbrellas, moderation is the key.

If your skincare regimen has been like your philosophy on the umbrella drinks, fear not. Silvestri says that prevention should be your watchword, always, but if you skipped that part, here are some things she recommends to correct the damage the sun has caused:

  • Exfoliation: this is done to get rid of the dead skin cells that couldn’t stand the UV rays of the sun and just gave up. One of her favorite methods for exfoliating the skin is to get some sugar and add a little bit of water to it in order to make a paste. Rub the sugar paste on your skin for a few minutes for good even coverage, rinse off and apply a moisturizer. Your skin will be smoother and softer and will taste terrific....hahaha.

  • Use a Hydration Mask or give yourself a facial - hydration masks can either be purchased or a DIY project. You’ll want to, in either case, leave the mask on for at least ten to fifteen minutes according to Silvestri. If you want more of a rejuvenating skincare experience, whip out the candles, your favorite Sade album, throw some wet hand-towels in the microwave for a minute or two (this helps open the pores of the face so the facial can penetrate more effectively) a mashed up avocado and some cucumber slices (for the eyes). Hit your face with the towel to get the pores open and then slather on the avocado. Leave on for 30 minutes.

  • Use a product that contains Retinol. This will tighten your skin and encourage the skin toward quicker cellular turnover, a fancy way to say the rate at which cells die and are replaced by new ones.

  • If the do-it-yourself route finds you wanting quicker results, you can opt to usher your skin into the realm of Star Wars and hit it with the multitude of various dermatological lasers out there. Silvestri recommends seeing a dermatologist for this as opposed to visiting a medi-spa since the skin laser is a powerful tool that should only be administered by a qualified physician extensively trained in its application.

 For more information on Sylvia Silvestri, RN, visit www.surgerydiva.com

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