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replace-perfection-with-this-research-proven-alternative-headerNervous about a commitment to fitness? 

Does the minute someone tells you that you’re going to start a new ‘every day’ or ‘every week’ practice send you into angst that you can’t do it unless you can do every bit of it perfectly? I have had more than one client tell me, “if I won’t get an A, I won’t do it”. Here’s the problem. When we don’t do something at all, just because we can’t do it well from the start, we miss the chance to do it well EVER! 

My version of this is not to be a perfectionist, but an idealist. I want to put my efforts toward things that are epic. It doesn’t feel very epic to walk on an elliptical machine.

But how do epic things happen? They build out of little things. Wearing a dress isn’t epic. Wearing a dress with people around the world turned out to be a whole lot more epic than I imagined.

Here’s the research finding that will set us free:
It is PERFORMANCE that creates SATISFACTION. You have to DO something better and better in order to LIKE it more.

What does that mean for our exercise project? Don’t wait until you think you’ll enjoy it. Do it, and assess after.

I was on cloud nine all day yesterday. I wore a dress, spent three hours in a great client meeting with a new company, and went to bed feeling good. All from 33 grotty little minutes on the elliptical.

Performance leads to Satisfaction, so let’s call it what it is: Perf-action. Put some perf-action into your day today. I’m off to the elliptical!


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