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Photo Credit: The Odyssey 

In 2016, there's no excuse to not utilize every outlet when accomplishing your New Year's resolution. As technology advances, we should be using it to advance ourselves as well. So, whether your 2016 resolution is to lose weight, quit smoking or work less, we've rounded up the five best apps and websites to help you reach your goal. We know you can do it!

1. StickK











The website StickK.com has been featured on NBC, BBC and in Time magazine as one of the best sites to get your act together—whether it be in the new year or not-so-new year. Whatever your goal is, StickK allows you to plan out your days, weeks and months into a timeline for achieving your goal. Optionally, you can invest some money as additional collateral or find other members on the site who can encourage you and keep you focused.

2. Forest











Yes, we're encouraging technology. But Forest helps you control your urges to visit unproductive sites during the workday, dinner or family time. You can add your most distracting websites to the "blacklist" and the longer that you don't visit the site, the Forest tree blooms bigger and brighter. As soon as you leave the app, though, your tree wilts until it's dead, which might be a bit discouraging for someone trying to "stay focused and be present." But simply plant another tree and start over. Pretty soon, you might have a forest of trees, each representing 30 minutes of focused time, on a project or your loved ones.

3. GoalsOnTrack











This app is perfect for the more technical goal-oriented person. The app uses math, algorithms and percentages to determine what needs to happen in your financial life to achieve what you desire this year. Keep updated with your progress and get notified when you're close to reaching your goal. This app/website may not be for those seeking visual inspiration. Although trustworthy, it's pretty bare when it comes to design.

4. MyFitnessPal











MyFitnessPal is the digital diary you need to stay healthy and remind yourself of how good it feels to have proof of your healthy diet. Because in 2016, who takes pen-and-paper notes about what they ate? MyFitnessPal eliminates all excuses for continuing on your unhealthy streak. Also, it's free and stays free until you've reached your goal. For however long you need to use the helpful app, MyFitnessPal is the compass that will keep you facing due north when it comes to your 2016 goals.


4. 21Habit












It takes 21 days to break a habit, which might seem like a long time if you're starting today. But with 21Habit, you have a virtual buddy in your pocket to remind you how far you've come since day one, even if it was just a couple minutes ago. Work out before heading to the office, take time to make a healthy breakfast, quit heading out for that smoke break or stop checking Facebook during the workday. These are all habits that can theoretically be resolved or attained in 21 days. You can probably do it without the app, but why not take advantage of the extra incentive? Dive in to your goal with 21Habit, and in just three short weeks you'll forget why it seemed hard in the first place.

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