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Parents have always had a tough time teaching their kids responsibility. Chores, cleanliness, and healthy eating just don't sound that appealing to kindergartners. Luckily, today's technology can offer a helping hand.

There are a ton of helpful smartphone apps that can teach your kids the value of responsibility while also keeping them entertained. Here are some of the best ones we came across! 

1. iDiary for Kids

iDiaryIt's never too early to start writing and iDiary for Kids provides the perfect place for your kids to start practicing. Children as young as 5 are able to make a photo, draw, scrapbook, and journal while learning how to express themselves and reflect on their own feelings. 

2. Allowance and Chores Bot

RobotAllowanceFew things are more difficult than getting your kids to do their chores. The Allowance and Chores Bot app turns housework into a fun activity. Parents are able to assign weekly tasks to the whole family and get their kids into the routine of staying on task.  

3. Calm Counter

calmcounterTemper tantrums are an unfortunate part of raising young kids. Calm Counter is an app that helps kids understand and control their emotions. The app explains what getting mad is and includes a counting feature that helps parents and kids take a step back and breath until serenity prevails. 

4. Pepi Bath

pepibath All parents know how hectic bath time can be. This app uses a colorfully cute game to teach your kids the importance of personal hygiene while letting them have some fun. The app allows for parents and kids to play together and develop positive bathroom habits as a team.

5. iReward Chart

iRewardChartThis three-time consecutive winner of "Best Parenting App" via BestAppEver.com lets parents encourage and motivate responsible behavior from their kids. Parents are able to customize rewards when their children reach goals based on life skills such as patience or sharing. Parents will quickly see how one extra hour of T.V. time or the potential for a few extra allowance bucks can go a long way. 

6. Bankaroo

bankarooResponsibility with money is one of the best skills a child can learn and Bankaroo helps your kids learn finance early. The app works as a virtual bank that lets your kids manage their allowance and plan their spending in an easy to follow interface.  

7. Awesome Eats

AwesomeEatsMost adults know how hard it can be to break free from unhealthy eating habits. That's why Awesome Eats is such an awesome app! It gets kids into the habit of making the right dietary choices early in a fun and colorful way. 



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